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Jack Dorsey "Rewards" Remaining Twitter Employees With Free Twitter Stock

Jack is digging into the "Here's some sh!t, now go make diamonds" management playbook.

Jack Dorsey has a lot going on these days what with taking Square public, beard maintenance, and getting Larry Summers to shut the f*ck up. And that's not even taking into account the "saving Twitter" line item on his honey do list.

Basically, Jack is going to need all the help he can get over at Twitter HQ, so he's got a plan to boost morale and instill team spirit after showing the exit to 8% of the staff last week.

On Thursday evening, he announced at a Twitter staff meeting and on the social network that he would donate one-third of his stake in the company — worth close to $200 million — to the employee stock compensation pool “to reinvest directly in our people.”

That's called leadership kids. Jack needs everyone pulling together so he's handing out his own stock to make that happen. And considering that Twitter stock is worth 25% less than it was at the beginning of the year, it's the management equivalent of saying "Here are my turds, let's make diamonds!"

But since Jack runs Twitter, he took the opportunity to speak his own truth:

Well, "Truth' is inherently relative. If Jack was being totally honest, we think his tweet would have read more like:

As for me: I'd rather have a small part of something big and another big part of another big thing than a bigger part of just one small thing. That's why I'm CEO of two big companies dummies. Now GET TO WORK! #yourefuckingwelcome

Jack Dorsey Gives One-Third of Twitter Stake to Employees [NYT]


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