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Layoffs Watch '15: Jefferies Makes Room For Newer, Shinier Versions Of Jefferies Employees

This is awkward.
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Don't think of this so much as a job cut, just think of it as you taking up space that the bank needs. Nothing personal.

Jefferies Group slashed its New York-based emerging markets debt desk to make room for a team that it hired away from Nomura, The Post has learned. The investment bank, led by CEO Richard Handler, dismissed about 10 traders, salesmen and analysts on its Latin American debt group, according to two sources. Adam Groothuis, the former head of Nomura’s LatAm credit trading desk, is bringing his team over to Jefferies, the sources said. Bloomberg News reported last month that Groothuis was in talks to join Jefferies.

Jefferies cuts bond traders after poaching Nomura team [NYP]


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