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Local Tech Investor Chooses Iran Over Deutsche Bank

Life is full of tough choices.

We have fun with the good folks over at Deutsche Bank, but it's not like people are fleeing the bank to take a flyer on embargoed economies in global hot zones.

Right, BI?

Xanyar Kamangar, who left his investment-banking job at Deutsche Bank to start Iran's first private-equity firm able to take foreign investment, wants to be ready for when it happens.

We stand corrected.

With an initial investment of $10 million (£6.5 million), Kamangar left his job last year in Deutsche Bank's technology and telecoms team, where he had spent eight years putting together financing deals for clients such as Vodafone, and set up Griffon Capital.
The aim is for the firm to manage funds that act as a central channel of foreign investment into Iran, focusing on the boost to the country's consumer and tech industries when the sanctions lift. Before then, foreigners are barred from investing.

Say what you will abut the Iranian regime, but you're not going to get screwed on bonuses as an entrepreneur in Tehran. Xanyar knows what we're talking about...

This ex-Deutsche Bank tech expert quit his job to risk everything on Iran's coming economic boom [BI]


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