Lynn Tilton Sees Your Investor Lawsuit Over Losses, Raises You A Barrage Of Tweets About #Love #Laughter #Blessings #Warriors

Fear the hashtag.

Back in March, the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Lynn Tilton and her private equity firm, Patriarch Partners, of lying to investors about the value of underlying loans in three collateralized loan obligations. Never one to simply roll over and take it, Tilton immediately struck back, suing the regulator and claiming it was violating her constitutional rights by filing the case against her within its in-house court system, wherein one of the SEC’s own judges would preside over her case. But that was only a small piece of her response to the injustice. For the last seven months, Tilton has taken to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and who knows what other forms of social media to fight back. She's posted pictures of herself being trailed by photographers on the beach, wearing ripped white jeans and calling herself an "island girl" whose indomitable spirit will not be broken by lawyers or anyone else; she's shared videos explaining her business process from a U-shaped leather couch surrounded by dozens of brown leather pillows; she's hash-tagged the hell out of the words “warrior,” “fighter,” “ladyboss,” “sheforall,” “jobs,” “life,” “love,” “laughter,” and “fightlikeagirl.” She's made liberal use of various photo filters.

So when a group of Patriarch investors (Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale and Hannover Funding Co.) decided to sue her and her firm on Monday, alleging "fraudulent misrepresentation and concealment tied to her multi-billion-dollar debt funds," she knew what she had to do.

Screw the lawyers.

Screw the canned statements.

And get to Tweeting.

Any #questions?

Lynn Tilton and Patriarch Partners Sued Over Investors’ Losses [WSJ]

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