Martin Shkreli Isn’t *Exactly* Backtracking On Promise To Cut Drug Price

It's just not safe for Martin to offer his lifesaving drug to people at an affordable price...You get that, right?

Smarter than you.

He’s just saying he still doesn’t get all the fuss over his 5,000% price hike on the toxoplasmosis drug he bought, and not to be surprised or upset when his Turing Pharmaceuticals reduces Daraprim’s cost to $748 per pill in seven or eight years. After all, he’s got an antitrust battle to fight over it now.

"I said that it would take a long amount of time to figure out how and when to lower the price," Shkreli said, in reference to his interview with ABC News when he first announced he'd cut the cost of Daraprim in response to public outcry over the hike….

"Until we figure out demand, we won’t lower the price." he said. "We have to find a safe price to lower it to."

And once Turing settles on a lower price, it might not be as low as some are calling for. It likely won't be anywhere near what the original price was before the hike, Shkreli said….

"There have been hundreds of companies that have raised [their drug prices] higher, and they’re not rolling back their prices, so why should we?"

Here's why Martin Shkreli says he still hasn't lowered the price of the critical drug he hiked from $13.50 to $750 [BI]