MBAs Make The Most Money At Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, If You're Into That Sort Of Thing

Morgan Stanely > Bain > Apple.

If money is a factor for you vis-à-vis deciding where to work after graduating from business school, you may want to consider the House of Gorman.

Bloomberg surveyed 12,773 professionals six to eight years after they graduated from business school. The MBAs who work at Morgan Stanley took home the largest compensation packages, followed closely by alums at Goldman Sachs...The companies that paid MBAs the most hailed mainly from the professions that have long been catnip for MBAs. Five of the 10 companies that paid MBAs the most were financial businesses and three were consulting firms. The only Silicon Valley representatives that made their way into the top 10 were Google and Apple. Even at those tech giants, MBAs earned 36 percent less than their peers at Morgan Stanley, mainly because they hauled in smaller bonuses.

The Companies That Pay MBAs the Most [Bloomberg]