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Mike Huckabee Wants To Get Wall Street's Filthy Cash Out Of Washington's Sweaty G-String

Holy Huckabee's dirty imagination will haunt your dreams.

Real quick, which Democratic presidential candidate just said this when asked if some bankers should have gone to jail in the wake of the financial crisis?:

"Absolutely they should have,... These were the smartest people in the room. These were the people that were supposed to be the geniuses. These were all Ivy Leaguers, and they knew darn well what they were doing — shuffling paper around and getting paid ridiculous sums of money.
“They didn't produce things. They didn't make or manufacture. They weren't making an iPhone. They were betting on what an iPhone might be worth in a few years, and selling it off. It was a casino. And I got in trouble for saying that very thing eight years ago. I'd like to say, 'I was right.'"

Trick question! It wasn't a Democrat at all!

Believe it or not, this is former Arkansas governor, and full-time 1950's re-enactor, Mike Huckabee talking to CNBC's John Harwood.

Huckabee is making what appears to be a last grasp at relevancy by jumping on the "Wall Street is pure evil" train car that is currently being squatted in by other candidate hobos of the far right.

But he's also saying that he was there along. There's video of him being a full-on Republican populist (even if he doesn't know what that means) from back in the 2008 cycle, and Huckabee is using at evidence of his economic clairvoyance, even though everyone thinks he's a real hayseed dummy.

He also carries a chip on his shoulder for the "Wall Street bunch." During the 2007 CNBC economic debate, he recalls, he cautioned that the economy wasn't rewarding working-class voters even as rival candidates praised it.
"I was just pilloried for that by The Wall Street Journal and by others who thought that I was a total ignoramus," he said. "I was getting savaged for it by the elitists."

And to show how pissed he is, Huckabee used an analogy that he knows will really convey how base, evil and gross the Wall Street-DC cabal really is.

"Washington is like a strip club. You got people tossing dollars, and people doing the dance. But while the Washington-Wall Street strip club's going on, you got people out there in the middle of the country and all over America who are losing their homes, losing their jobs and wondering: 'How the heck doesn't somebody stand up and do something about it?'"

Filthy. But yet so visceral.

You can just see Jamie and Lloyd and Corbat stuffing $5 bills into an undulating Chuck Schumer's frilly panties, while Jeb Hensarling smoothly convinces a nervous Brian Moynihan to take Idaho Senator Mike Crapo into the champagne room.

In fact, this strip club analogy is so good that we've suddenly got some questions for holy roller Mike Huckabee...

Huckabee: DC-Wall Street is like a strip club [CNBC]


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