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Millennial Wunderkinds Hate Art, Love Tech And Money

This is why contemporary music sucks.
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Would probably be a billionaire tech CEO today.

Wanna know why rock n' roll is dead?

It’s because 18-year-old VC analyst Tiffany Zhong and the people she’s paid to be tight with are stubbornly refusing to become the next Kim Gordon or Kurt Cobain in favor of all-night coding sessions and making a lot of money.

“There’s a lot of similarities between artists and musicians from 20 years ago and entrepreneurship today,” says Mr. Hoover, who repeats the same thing everyone in tech says nowadays—that it is easier than ever to build a product. “They can launch things the same way someone would once be playing guitar when they were 13 or 14….”

Ms. Zhong is sincere in a way few adults can manage, yet she also projects confidence in a way few people ever master. When I interview her best friend, Nikhil Srinivasan, he tells me, in a coffee shop populated by geeks and tattoo-sporting hipsters, that he only slept three hours last night because he was up late writing code.

Meet Venture Capital’s Teenage Analyst [WSJ]


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