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Neighbors Be Damned, Phil And Lisa Falcone Continue Tradition Of Scaring The Bejeus Out Of Passersby On Halloween

In fact, they've upped the ante.
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As some of you may recall, around this time last year, hedge fund manager Philip Falcone and his wife Lisa Maria set the Upper East Side atwitter with what their neighbors felt was a Halloween scene so horrifying that it would leave small children and fully functioning adults scarred for life. So scandalized by the "black-clad grim reaper beheading a corpse popping out of the roof, the growling gargoyle, and the possessed little girl sitting on a swing" that the Falcone neighbors did what anyone living in America's most expensive zip code would do if faced by a similar situation, and bitched about Phil and Lisa to Page Six.

...perhaps the most disturbing horror prop is a creepy, old, dwarfish crone with stringy gray hair and striped socks who’s holding a turgid, dead baby. Making the scene even more macabre are fake rats and dismembered baby limbs, skeltons and a sign that says, “Keep out.” One neighbor said, “Other mansions on the street are decorated, but the Falcones’ grasp of horror is at another level.” Another local cracked, “This dovetails with rumors they couldn’t even find a new hearse. That old thing looks like it’s from ‘Ghostbusters.’ ” A third joked, “Should Jonathan Tisch have to walk by the hearse every day?” Neighbors in the tony hood include Jeff Koons, who’s constructing a megamansion across the street, and Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch.

And while another, lesser hedge fund manager might have bowed to the complaints, either by dialing back the gore or forgoing decorations entirely the following year, Phil Falcone said no. And maybe "How dare you?" and definitely "You bitch about my holiday cheer? I TURN IT UP 10-FOLD."

The 2015 scene outside the Falcone manse. A visual representation of the words "Y'all can suck it."

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