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Paul Tudor Jones Will Send His Traders Back To 7th Grade Composition Class, So Help Him God

Fifth grade if he has to!
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Then, once they've mastered basic sentence structure, he'll make them shadow cub reporters at the Greenwich Gazette. Then and only then will they be invited back to his hedge fund.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones has some surprising advice for people who want to succeed in business: Take a journalism class. In a video interview this week, Jones told Bloomberg that companies save money when their executives write logically and coherently, and he said that taking a class in newspaper writing is the best way to learn to do that...Jones warns against confusing newspaper writing with magazine writing. The latter, according to Jones, offers stories whose climax comes at the end. "Every time I get a memo from someone written magazine style, I literally tear it up, throw it away and make them take an online newspaper writing course," he said.

For the traders who get high marks from their internship supervisor at the Greenwich Gazette, there's a reward at the end: They get to become editors of the soon-to-be launched Tudor Telegraph, the weekly campus newspaper reporting on all things PTJ.

Paul Tudor Jones To Staff: Learn To Write Or I'll Rip Up Your Memo [Bloomberg]


Mmm...sunscreen. (Getty Images)

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