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President Trump Agrees That These Debates Are Nightmarishly Long

And by Donald, he's gonna do something about it.

Donald Trump ain't got time for this four-hour debate sh!t.

After taking part in two and live-tweeting the third in a series of debates that have all gone over 180 minutes, the presumptive President-Elect is threatening to bow out of the next Republican debate on CNBC if the network doesn't agree to throw a timer on the damn thing.

Per The Times...

An aide to Donald J. Trump has raised the possibility of the candidate not attending the next Republican presidential debate unless the criteria set by CNBC are changed, according to two people briefed on a conference call where the matter was discussed on Thursday.

No Trump, no ratings. So how short does he want this thing?

“For us it was imperative that the time be changed to 120 minutes” for the length of the debate, he said. Mr. Trump was unhappy that the CNN debate that Republicans recently took part in lasted nearly three hours.
“Until we have this criteria specifically laid out,” he added, “it is difficult to participate.

Two hours? C'mon Mr. Trump, why not "Art of the Deal" 'em and get it down to 45 minutes?

After all, isn't that more than long enough to make fun of Rand's haircut, JEB!'s boring face and Huckabee's waistline?

Donald Trump Campaign Raises Specter of Boycotting Next Debate [NYT]


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