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President Trump Is Totally On To You, Political Stooge Janet Yellen

He'll get to you later, pinko maniac Bernie Sanders.

Good news for the millions of Americans who have been lying in bed night-after-night wondering "When will presumptive President-Elect Trump finally tell us what's really going on with interest rates, free trade, Dodd-Frank, hedge fund losers and that maniac Bernie Sanders?"

El Donaldo was on Bloomberg TV this morning and gave a humdinger of an interview to Stephanie Ruhle.

Here are (just some) of the highlights.

On Janet Yellen and The Fed:

“Janet Yellen, for political reasons, is keeping interest rates so low that the next guy - or person - who takes over as president could have a real problem. Keeping these interest rates at this level, Stephanie, this is a political thing. When they get raised, perhaps with the next president, we're going to see some bad things happen."

On those "political reasons":

“I think [Yellen] is a very political person. Everbody says that she should raise the interest rates. Now she’s always been known as a dove on interest rates, but what she’s doing - and I’m sure that with the blessing of the President because he doesn’t want to have a recession or worse in his administration - so what she’s doing is keeping the interest rates low, get him out of here and let him go to my golf courses... He's going to go play golf and someone's going to suffer.”

On confirming Carl Icahn as Treasure Secretary despite Elizabeth Warren pledging to stop it:

"We're going to get him confirmed.* It's what I do"**

On why Hillary is criticizing Wall Street so hard right now:

TRUMP: Well, she's got a real problem. She's got a maniac on the other side...

RUHLE: In Bernie Sanders?

TRUMP: Yuh. He's a maniac. He's a socialist-slash-communist, I said it yesterday in a speech, call it what you like.

On Dodd-Frank:

"Dodd-Frank is a disaster. I'll tell you something; The banks. I know all the banks, they're nice, they're good...They can't lend money."

On foreign relations:

"I know more about diplomacy than anyone. Listen, China is ripping us left and right and they don't even like us."

On why everyone hates the banks:

"They're very bad at public relations. The heads of these banks make a fortune and they have no idea what they're doing public relations-wise."

On whether he'd appoint hedge fund manager "friends" to his administration:

"I probably wouldn't even use them. I'd put [in] the real winners."

Take that, Paulson.

In addition to these incredible things, Trump also disclosed today that his campaign has spent nearly half a million dollars producing his "Make America Great Again" trucker hats.

Trump: Janet Yellen Keeping Interest Rates Low as Political Favor to Obama [Bloomberg]

* Carl Icahn is not a nominee because there hasn't been an election.

** Donald Trump has neither nominated anyone for a cabinet post nor been involved in any confirmation process... ever. 



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