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Stanford Business School Deans: They're Just Like Us!

Love triangle with a faculty member and her estranged husband edition.
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They have cringe-worthy Facebook exchanges with their lover/subordinate on the faculty, who is going through a divorce with another subordinate on the faculty, who is suing the dean/university.

In a Facebook chat between [Deborah] Gruenfeld and the dean, [Dean Garth] Saloner imagined a climactic resolution to the cinematic version of their story, like the one in the 1976 Japanese-French film In the Realm of the Senses. It ends with the heroine severing the penis of her lover, whom she has just suffocated during frenzied sex. Saloner’s rewrite for Phills included just six words: “Knife. Penis. Town Square. Got it.” (Town Square is the outdoor commons area on the GSB’s campus.) Gruenfeld demurred, suggesting her own vision of how their triangle should end. “I’m thinking more like you and I stroll off into the sunset looking gaga, and he has to live with a mountain of shame and regret.”

A Sex Scandal Rocks Stanford Business School [Bloomberg]

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