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Local Stripper Only Available To Drug, Rob You Monday-Friday

Please make alternate weekend plan, thirsty hedge fund managers.
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Booked solid until March.

Karina Pascucci is working weekdays, as her next 16 weekends will be spent on Rikers Island.

Which is not to say that you are to take her guilty plea on charges of dosing hedge fund managers before going to town on their credit cards as anything like an actual admission of guilt.

"I had to unfortunately plead guilty in order to take my weekends. So I'll be serving 16 weekends at Rikers Island, and I will have five years' probation," she said in comments airing Thursday at 2 p.m. on WPIX….

Speaking publicly for the first time, the New Jersey resident told the syndicated show the case against her was a big misunderstanding….

Barbash was "the kind of person that preys on the vulnerable or someone that's more impressionable," she said….

"He did take us out to dinners, he did take us out to concerts. It wasn't like he said we just came up to him in some restaurant and dragged him to Scores, which was not the case at all," she said.

"I feel like everyone should take responsibility for what happened," she added.

Woman who pleaded guilty in NYC strip club scam says she’ll soon be serving jail time [N.Y. Daily News]
Stripper crime ring drugged customers, rang up $190,000 in charges on credit cards: authorities [N.Y. Daily News]



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