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The Federal Reserve Says: Ditch That Scrub With The Sh*tty Credit Score

Janet et al, who are now giving out relationship advice: kick him (or her) to the curb before this whole thing ends in tears.
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These economists are just sayin': you can and should do better, while you're still young and haven't reproduced with this bum. If his credit score is below 650, throw some clothes in a bag and leave in the middle of the night. You can send someone to collect the rest of your stuff later.

Economists Jane Dokko, Geng Li, and Jessica Hayes presented their findings about the role that credit scores have in predicting the stability and potential longevity of a relationship that's starting to get serious...The start of a committed relationship is marked by the quarter in which two individuals who did not share an address begin to do so, and, for the purposes of this study, requires that they live together for a minimum of one year. Other filters are applied to the data in an attempt to minimize false positives...People with higher credit scores are more likely to be in a committed relationship and stay together...Credit scores are indicative of trustworthiness in general, and couples with a mismatch in credit scores are more likely to see their relationships end for reasons not directly related to their use of credit.

The Federal Reserve Has Some Advice for Your Love Life [Bloomberg]


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