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The Griffins Lay Down Their Bedposts

The hedge fund manager and his estranged wife have figured despite their hate for each other, settling the divorce in private may be the best way to go.
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The Griffins!

As it turns out, Citadel Investment Group founder Ken Griffin and estranged wife Anne Dias-Griffin are a little reticent about having their limo drivers, former colleagues, certified divorce financial analysts, first-date photographers, a bedpost that shall not speak its name, or the guys from Moishe’s Self Storage on the South Side air all of their dirty laundry on the record in a court of law. It was all simply two expert negotiators laying the ground for a dance even more delicate than their courtship, striking a deal.

Griffin and Dias Griffin returned to the negotiating table on the day the trial was scheduled to begin. Monday's last-minute negotiations didn't come as a surprise to experts, who say prenuptial agreements and privacy concerns mean few divorces among the wealthy get this far…"I think they'll go a few days, if everyone has an appetite to go to trial and get their feet wet ... but it becomes a game of chicken, and I'd be very surprised if they do not settle," Newman said…"You can be incredibly intelligent and educated and successful in the boardroom and be much less effective in the courtroom," Newman said. "Emotions run high."

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