Uber Exec Now Wishing That He'd Pushed Harder On That Robo-Nanny Initiative

Cameron Poetzscher has some interesting ideas about what human nannies do... and Singapore.

Uber’s head of corporate development, Cameron Poetzscher is allegedly quite a colorful character.

Per GawkerPoetzscher is looking to stake a claim as Silicon Valley's answer to Benjamin Wey.

[A]ccording to a lawsuit filed yesterday in San Francisco Superior Court, he repeatedly sexually harassed his live-in nanny by masturbating, exposing himself, and asking for “handwork.”
The suit, by former domestic worker Julieta Yang, names both Poetzscher and his wife, fellow Silicon Valley exec Varsha Rao, who works as Airbnb’s head of global operations. According to the suit, the techie power couple from such typically uncontroversial companies tormented Yang while the family was located in Singapore, and then San Francisco, where Poetzscher harassed her and Rao just let it happen. Yang says Poetzscher’s conduct included “nudity, comments of a sexual nature, unwanted sexual advances, and unwanted touching.”

According to the lawsuit, the majority of Poetzscher's lewd behavior occurred in Singapore where he seemed to think it was all culturally appropriate. We know this because Yang alleges that once the whole family relocated to San Fran, Poetzscher asked her to massage his legs with the aid of a rolling pin(?) but then felt badly because "Defendant Poetzscher apologized noting that he was not supposed to act in such a way in the United States."


Well, at least he didn't threateningly show her "God Mode."

Lawsuit: Uber Exec Asked Nanny For "Handwork," Paraded Naked Around the House [Gawker]