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Uber Now Using Real Estate To Troll NYC Lawmakers

Let's hope that Uber employees enjoy tortuously uncomfortable silence on their elevator rides.

Sometimes you've just got to hand it to the Ayn Rand-themed car service that lives on your phone. It might be a bit rough around the edges, and lately a little (allegedly) creepy, but Uber has chutzpah coming out of its ears.

Per Crain's New York...

The $50 billion-plus company is moving its Long Island City office into the same building where the Taxi and Limousine Commission is about to relocate next month. Uber is taking a little more than 20,000 square feet on the second floor at the Falchi Building...Uber will be one level below the TLC, which is moving into about 70,000 square feet on the third floor in November.

You might remember that Uber was in a bit of a dogfight with the NYC taxi lobby all summer, which puts a fun spin on the whole real estate decision.

But that's not even all the trolly subtext tacit in Uber's new lease. They have another intriguing neighbor.

Uber is the second car-hailing app to take space at the property since the TLC announced it was moving there. Last year, smaller rival Lyft signed on for 5,000 square feet.

That's right, Uber is basically ensuring that there will be no comfortable elevator rides for employees at the new office. If stuck with a TLC worker, they can discuss how they are destroying an entire New York City industry, and with Lyft folks they can talk about who's hacking who.

Cab foe Uber to become the city taxi agency's neighbor [Crain's NY]


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