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Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Sorry That Newark Youths Couldn't Play Soccer Around The Helicopter He Parked In The Middle Of Their Field

Apollo's Josh Harris is not a very popular guy in Newark, NJ right now.

A bunch of eager tweens were all set to kick off their soccer game at St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ on Sunday night, but their excitement was quelled by the enormous black Sikorsky helicopter parked in the dead center of their soccer field.

But what kind of monster would callously leave their private aircraft on a school soccer field? According to a report from Deadspin, it was Apollo Management co-founder Josh Harris.

A youth soccer game at Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, N.J., was called off Sunday night after a helicopter touched down in the middle of the pitch and stayed there. This was no emergency landing, however: the vehicle was there to pick up Josh Harris, billionaire owner of the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers.

It turns out that Harris often requires a copter ride home from the games of the hockey team that he owns, so he has a helicopter pop down behind a prep school a few blocks away to collect him and whisk off to bed. But hey, folks in Newark are totally used to ostentatious displays of obsequious wealth so they were probably cool about it.


From a parent at the game:

My son’s U13 youth soccer team was supposed to play a game at 7:30 last night (Sunday, November 8th) on the field at Benedict’s Prep in Newark. As the two teams of U13 players from the STA 02 NPL and Cedar Stars Pre-Academy team got ready to take the field, a helicopter dropped down from the sky and landed right in the middle of the field. A security detail emerged from the helicopter and informed the boys and their coaches that NJ Jersey Devils owner, Josh Harris, had instructed them to land on the field and wait for him to return from the Prudential Center where the Devils were playing. The boys and their families waited in the cold until finally it became clear that Harris was running late and no one knew when he might return to pick up his ride. Eventually, the coaches decided to call the boys’ game and everyone went home disappointed, frustrated and annoyed. I am not sure when or if Harris ever showed up to remove his helicopter from the field, but I hope that he had a great night. There are a number of 12 year olds and youth soccer fans who did not — because of Harris’s selfish behavior.

Harris has apologized to the kids and their families, even inviting them to a future Devils' home game. But after watching billionaire hedge fund manager hop into his helicopter and ascend away into the night sky, maybe Harris might want to offer those kids a ride.

NJ Devils Owner's Helicopter Parks On Soccer Field, Cancels Youth Game [Update] [Deadspin]


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