Bonus Watch '15: Area CEO Just Wondering If Everyone Remembers The Tire Fire That Went Down This Summer

Think about it when you're thinking about this year's bonus.
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You remember it? You've got it in your head? Okay, good.

Wall Street bonuses could fall more than 10 percent this year after declines in fixed-income trading revenue and China’s currency devaluation hurt profits, Stifel Financial Corp (NYSE:SF). Chief Executive Officer Ronald Kruszewski said. “I think they could be down more,” Kruszewski said Tuesday in an interview on Bloomberg Television when asked about estimates that payouts could drop 5 percent to 10 percent. “I’m not sure people have factored in the debacle that occurred in fixed income in the third quarter.” “It was a tough summer...People forgot about China and the devaluation and all that was going on, so this is not necessarily a year to write home for.”

Having said that, if you are currently employed by Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) or Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS), a ten percent drop would bea dream, so, y'know, it's all relative, etc.

Wall Street Bonuses Could Drop More Than 10%, Stifel CEO Says [Bloomberg]

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