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Bonus Watch '15: Healthcare Bankers Are The King Of The World

Distressed debt traders? Not so much!
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Or non-kings of the world who will be able to justify buying a modestly priced boat this bonus season and recreating that scene, which deny it or not, you know they've been dying to do.

Financial firms are preparing to lavish this year’s biggest raises on health-care bankers, who will probably see a 20 percent bump on average, according to an Options Group Inc. report projecting this year’s biggest pay swings. Other winners include telecommunications, media and technology bankers and traders of rates options and equity derivatives -- all getting 15 percent more than last year. Traders of distressed debt and fixed-rate collateralized mortgage obligations may see their compensation tumble 25 percent.

These Wall Street Jobs Are Poised for Biggest Swings in Pay [Bloomberg]

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