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Business School Students Weighing Offers From Organized Crime, Finance About Equally These Days: NY Fed Chief

Bill Dudley is "incredibly disturbed" by the findings.
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William Dudley cannot stress how little today's crop of soon to be MBAs-- at least the ones who would not screw over their mothers for a profit-- think of the finance industry.

Business school deans say some students who consider themselves "highly ethical" are avoiding careers in finance because they consider the field beneath their standards. That's according to William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who is waging a campaign to improve behavior on Wall Street. Dudley said on Thursday that he met "a couple of months ago" with a number of business school deans and discussed ethics in the curriculum. He said "a number of people there from the academic community said that people who think of themselves as highly ethical, people of high integrity, were deciding not to go into the financial business because they were concerned that that was not up to their standards."

Dudley didn't get into the fields these highly ethical people said they would choose over finance, but he wanted us to say that the results of career center polls from the nation's top business schools revealed that they included:

  • Working as A-Rod's drug mule
  • Lobbyist for Philip Morris
  • Pit boss at Mohegan Sun
  • Contractor for a company that befriends old women at the end of their lives in order to get into their wills
  • Customer service at Time Warner (NYSE: TWC)

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