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Elon Musk Disses Jeff Bezos, Proves That He Is Queen Bee Of The Silicon Billionaires Mean Girl Clique

Nothing starts a tech billionaire catfight quite like a rocket landing.

If you want to see a billionaire nerd catfight turn nasty, watch one of them land a proprietary space rocket back on earth and watch the sparks fly.

Bond villain come-to-life Elon Musk has had pretty well-publicized trouble getting his rockets to land back on his drone boats upon their return from space (ed. note: This sentence never not fun to type), but it appears that fellow billionaire spaceman Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin space company have beaten Elon to the whole "landing your reusable rocket" thing.

The privately funded space company backed by Inc. founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos announced a historic coup with a test flight of a fully reusable rocket, which could usher in a new era for space transportation.
Blue Origin LLC said it successfully landed a spent rocket back on Earth after an unmanned flight to the edge of space. The company’s reusable New Shepard vehicle flew a suborbital test mission to 333,000 feet on Monday reaching nearly four times the speed of sound, and then both the capsule and its BE-3 liquid-fueled rocket separately landed safely back on earth—ready for another flight.

Bezos was so excited by his breakthrough that he took to Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and tweeted for the very first time:

Well you guys know who loves talking about space rockets on the Twitter...

Oh, well that's a nice sentiment.

But Elon wasn't done tweeting, and his tone shifted quickly from congratulatory to "Bitch, I can HEAR you!"

In the world of tech billionaires, that tweetstorm amounts to a rank-out, and Elon didn't even drop the "Oh, you landed your reusable rocket on the ground? That's adorable...Call me when you do it on a dron boat, nerd." Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Succeeds in Landing Spent Rocket Back on Earth [WSJ]


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