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Florida’s Hottest (Alleged) Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange Operator Still Available For Drinks

Anthony Murgio is feeling that Blockchain pain.
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Looking to take his mind off some stuff.

Women of West Palm Beach: Rejoice! Anthony Murgio and his skin-tight jeans aren’t off the market just yet.

Once one of Tallahassee’s most eligible bachelors, Murgio has pleaded not guilty to running an illegal bitcoin exchange that just happened to be owned by his good bro Gery Shalon, who just happens to be under indictment for the whole JPMorgan hack last year.

That means his nights are free until at least this time next year, although he’ll be busy during business hours starting on Halloween 2016 (bummer, he knows).

Also, Murgio will only be "smashing it" in certain Florida and New York towns, lest his ankle bracelet start making very uncool sounds. But it’s all good—just get him while you can: If he fails to crush it in court, he’s definitely going to miss Phi Kappa Sigma’s blowout 20th reunion party.

Anthony Murgio, 31, pleaded not guilty in federal court in Manhattan to charges that he committed wire fraud and money laundering and operated an unlicensed money transmitting business….

Murgio's plea came a week after U.S. prosecutors unveiled related charges against three men accused of engaging in a cyber-criminal enterprise that hacked into a dozen companies' networks, stealing personal information of over 100 million people….

Murgio, a resident of Tampa, Florida, was not accused of engaging in the hacking offenses or many of the related alleged crimes they helped facilitate, including a series of stock manipulation frauds.

Florida man linked to JPMorgan hacking case pleads not guilty [Reuters]



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