Happy Holidays, Martin Shkreli Is Still The Worst

Happy Thanksgiving from Martin Shkreli.

Everyone's least favorite hedge fund manger turned pharma CEO is starting off the holiday season in typical Martin Shrkeli fashion.

Sayeth The NY Times:

Turing Pharmaceuticals, which sparked a fury two months ago by sharply increasing the price of a 62-year-old drug, said on Tuesday that it would not reduce the list price of that drug after all.

Apparently Martin Shkreli is hoping that this Thanksgiving, desperate AIDS patients in need of a lifesaving drug will continue to give, but he will not be thanking anyone.

In fairness(?), Turing will - according to The Times - strike deals with hospitals to offer the drug at discounts up to 50%, that just means that a lucky few will be getting Daraprim at a 2,500% markup and not the 5,000% one that Shkreli put in place a few weeks ago and then lied about repealing.

But perhaps the worst part about this whole thing is that if Martin Shkreli is terrible enough to price-gouge a life-saving drug and then lie on numerous occasions about undoing it, he might just be evil enough to follow through on recording the rap album he's been threatening us with for weeks now.

So Happy Thanksgiving from Martin Shkreli, America. Suddenly your douchebag cousin Terry doesn't look so bad sitting across from you at dinner, defending Justin Beiber with his mouth full of yams.

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