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Hedge Fund Manager Turned Pharma CEO Turned Public Enemy Number One Seeks Music Producers "With Real Grimy Beats"

Martin Shkreli is trying his hand at rap.
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Last week, hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO turned enfant terrible Martin Shrekli announced that he had approximately 20 positions available for anyone interested in joining him at Turing Pharmaceuticals, the firm made famous by Shrekli's decision to hike the price of life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750 and then respond, basically, "Haters gonna hate" when theentire universeasked howhe sleeps at night.

But maybe none of the gigs (business development, corporate counsel, executive assistant, medical affairs, payroll, senior toxicologist, etc) piqued your interest? If you've been dying to work for the guy but refrained from sending over your résumé in the hopes that something a bit more aligned with your interests would become available, and you consider yourself one with Jay-Z, today's your lucky day:

[via Lawrence Delevingne]

If you're not currently looking to make a career change but want to help, guy's obviously going to need a rap name. You should feel free, nay, encouraged to share your ideas at this time.

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