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Herbalife Sincerely Hopes That Bill Ackman's Valeant Bet Sucks Less Than His Other Sucky Investments

Once again, it seems that Bill Ackman and Herbalife both dressed up as Mean Girls this Halloween.

Bill Ackman has been making a lot of noise lately, what with marathon analyst calls and his huge move into the "pharmaceutical Enron" that is Valeant. Ackman has been taking on a lot of newcomers in his broadening role as indiscriminate financial pugilist, but he hasn't forgotten about his true enemy Herbalife.

Ackman has taken time out his busy schedule to continue his holy war against the nutritional supplement company, seemingly assuring everyone that he fully intends to make good on his goal of the world entering 2016 Herbalife-free.

But if you thought Herbalife was out of insult arrows after calling Ackman the "Prince of Darkness," you are very, very wrong.

Here's a statement Herbalife released on Friday after Ackman finally completed his Valeant presentation:

Global nutrition company Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) today issued the following statement regarding a presentation by Bill Ackman:
"I hope Bill Ackman has done more research on Valeant than he did on Herbalife, Target, Borders and JC Penny," said Alan Hoffman, executive vice president, global corporate affairs, Herbalife.

Bill might want some aloe for that burn.

Comparing a man to Satan is rough, but invoking the memory of Borders to Bill Ackman?... That's just cruel, bro.



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