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Jack Dorsey Will Carve Out Some Time For An IPO Roadshow To Kick Off The Holiday Season

Watch Jack do everything all at once.

When you're CEO of all the tech companies, like Jack Dorsey, it can be a real pain-in-the-ass to leave the office. So you know it must be a big deal if Jack is going to wrack up some biz travel miles so close to the holidays.

Financial services startup, Square is slated to set its IPO price range this week according to sources familiar with the matter. These sources also told CNBC that Square is set to begin trading publicly the week before Thanksgiving.
Square's senior management will present the company to investors as they go on their IPO roadshow next week.

Potential "Squareholders" take note; Jack is a busy man. So please keep your questions to the minimum and don't be offended if he has to take calls on his Twitter phone during the presentation.

Square IPO roadshow to begin next week: Sources [CNBC]


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