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Jamie Dimon Thinks Bitcoin Is Super Cute, But In That Utterly Doomed Kind Of Way

He also thinks the Blockchain is Totes Adorbz.

Bitcoin has been not-so-quietly shedding its redheaded stepchild of Wall Street status in recent weeks. Almost every executive has had to listen to their edgiest young staffer extoll the virtues of how cheaply and easily the Blockchain can be used to move money around.

But one Wall Street mega-executive is apparently fed up to here with all this techie mumbo jumbo bullsh!t, and he doesn't care who knows it.

Yeah, of course we're talking about Jamie Dimon.

Here's Jamie at yesterday's Fortune Global Forum going full-on Queens Boulevard when asked about what kind of future Bitcoin has in creating a fun little shadow economy for regulation-averse creative entrepreneurs:

“There is no government that is going to put up with it for long. It’s kind of cute now. Y’know, a lot of senators and congressmen will say ‘I support Silicon Valley innovation.’ There will be no currency that gets around government controls.”

Jamie also warned that he thinks its a total waste of time to experiment with a virtual currency that automatically puts you on the DOJ's radar once you use it.

Unfortunately Jamie wasn't pressed on anymore fintech topics, robbing us of any chance to hear him to use the words "adorable" or "OMG you guys."

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