JP Morgan Broker Who Stole $20 Million From Clients Wishes Justice Had Been Swifter

Michael Oppenheim isn't saying it's JP Morgan's fault the bank didn't catch his thievery quicker, but he's not NOT saying it.

Next time try harder to ferret out guys like me, Michael Oppenheim basically said in court today.

A former JPMorgan Chase & Co. broker admitted he stole more than $20 million from customer accounts and used the money to pay his bills, gamble online and to trade his own stocks. Michael Oppenheim, 49, pleaded guilty Thursday in Manhattan federal court to securities fraud and embezzlement, part of a scam that targeted 10 of his wealthiest clients beginning in 2008. "Judge, I am ashamed of my conduct,” Oppenheim said. "I wish I would have been caught sooner."

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