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Martin Shkreli Still Doesn't Get The Fuss Over His Business Model

And to that end, why everyone, including Congress, is so *obsessed* with him.
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Martin Shkreli first made national news back in September, after the Times wrote of his decision to increase the price of a lifesaving drug from $13.50 to $750 a tablet. To the shock and anger of everyone from the medical community to the general public to Hillary Clinton, the hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO's response was more or less "What's the big deal?" (Actual response: "It really doesn’t make sense to get any criticism for this.") If anyone thought that a little time, perspective, and a request to appear before Congress to defend his actions had changed Shkreli's point of view at all, well, one thought wrong!

A controversial drug company CEO — whose 5,500 percent price hike of an AIDS drug ignited a national firestorm — on Wednesday said that a Senate investigation into the pricing practices of his and three other pharmaceutical companies is a misguided effort to "gain political capital." "The senators have their facts wrong," Turing Pharmaceuticals boss Martin Shkreli told CNBC. "They're trying to make a tempest out of a teacup, and a mountain out of molehill." "This is co-opting a headline to try to gain political capital, which is really unfortunate," said Shkreli, who has been sent a letter asking him to appear before a Senate committee next month to discuss his company's astronomical price spike.

Now, if you'll excuse him, he's got a multi-platinum rap album to pen.

Turing CEO: Senate drug probe is 'mountain out of molehill' [CNBC]


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