Maybe Germany Should Think About Quitting The EU, Too

The Germans have had it UP TO HERE with ECB policies.

The trouble within.

Forget the unwashed hordes pouring into over our borders and into our train stations, Germany’s wise men say. Certainly don’t fret about what small island countries are demanding. No, start looking at those besuited bureaucrats in Frankfurt, if you’re looking for the real threat to German security.

The council criticised the policies of the ECB in unusually stark language, saying it was creating "significant risks to financial stability."

"If low interest rates remain in place in the coming years and the yield curve remains flat, then this would threaten the solvency of banks and life insurers in the medium term," the council noted in the report.

"The ECB is not taking the looming risks to financial stability into account in its monetary policy decision-making," the council added.

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Germany Looks At Its Banks

For all their saber-rattling and bold talk about a final solution to the problem of global financial risk, the Germans haven't done a hell of lot to rein in their banks. There is, for instance, no Großdeutschesvolckerregierung. At least, not yet.