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Morgan Stanley Analyst So Disappointed That Elon Musk Is Such A Total Wuss All Of A Sudden

Adam Jonas just wants things with Elon Musk to feel like they used to.

Elon Musk is the man who has everything. He's got billions of dollars, his own electric cars, his own niche power concern, even his own rocket ships. And if Elon is honest with himself, he's got his own favorite analyst; Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley.

The fourth Jonas brother* is Morgan's auto guy and he is thirsty for Tesla. Adam is Tesla's alpha bull and he is super-obsessed with the whole autonomous cars idea.

But don't take our word for it. Here's Jonas talking to Elon during Tesla's Q2 call in August:

Jonas - Hey, Elon, Deepak. First question, Steve Jurvetson was recently quoted saying that Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, told him that if, by 2020, Tesla's cars are autonomous, that he'd want to buy all of them. Is this a real – I mean, forget like the 2020 for a moment, but is this a real business opportunity for Tesla, supplying cars to ridesharing firms, or does Tesla just cut out the middleman and sell on-demand electric mobility services directly from the company on its own platform?
Musk - That's an insightful question.
Jonas - You don't have to answer it.
Musk - I think – I don't think I should answer it.

As far as Elon and Wall Street analysts go, what you just read is serious flirting.

Basically, these two just can't get enough of each other. But like any smoldering pair of coquettes, the line between attraction and disgust is thin.

Here are Jonas and Elon on today's Q3 call:

JonasThanks, everybody. Elon, just thinking longer term here, assuming Tesla establishes itself as a leader in autonomous transport, do you see a business case for selling autonomous cars to ride-sharing firms, or can Tesla cut out the middleman and offer on-demand electric mobility services directly from the company's own platform?
MuskI think we'd have to say, no comment.
JonasI mean, Elon, it's kind of unusual for you to punt on strategic questions of a long-term nature. Is this a dumb question? Or a funny question?
Musk - Actually, I think it's quite a smart question, actually.
JonasWhy – all right.
Musk -But still no comment.
JonasOkay, I won't antagonize. Let's move on. I mean, it's just odd, because you normally are – I've never heard you punt like that. That's all. But any case-
MuskYou know...
JonasIs it because of a competitive sensitivity, or is it because the concept itself is just too... in flux?
MuskI think there's a right time to make announcements. And this is not that time.
JonasFair play. All right, can I ask one on Autopilot?
MuskAnd nor – I mean, nor is our strategy fully baked here. So for us to state what it would be – it's not fully baked, so there's no – we'd prefer to announce something when we think we've got the full story understood.
JonasSo to saying it's not fully baked implies there's something in the oven, but just...
MuskOkay, we kind of need to move on.

Jonas is pretty bummed out that Elon isn't down to play today. You can feel the pathos when Jonas realizes that Elon is going to punt on his question.

His question.

While this was objectively a low point in Adam and Elon's earnings call relationship, every good rom-com has a big final act. We cannot wait to watch these kids figure it out on Tesla's Q4 call.

We just love love.

* - We are fact checking this, but it feels right.

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