So Something Is Happening (Actually, Not Happening) In Greece Again

False alarm!

A little tighter...

Remember back in July when everything got fixed and you thought you’d never have to hear the dreaded word “Greece” ever again? Turns out, nothing can ever be easy or simple with those people.

Despite a weekend of frantic negotiations by telephone, Greek officials and the country’s foreign creditors remained at odds heading into a meeting in Brussels on Monday, where eurozone finance ministers were to debate whether Athens had met the first set of economic overhaul targets required to unlock the next installment of the bailout agreement of 86 billion euros, or about $92 billion....

One main sticking point is over how much protection against foreclosure to give Greece’s many overly indebted holders of home mortgages.

Disagreements Threaten to Delay Next Payout in Greek Bailout [NYT]