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Wall Street Banker Brazenly Admits To Loving Bernie Sanders

Hedge fund advisor Paul Ryan feels the Bern, and he doesn't care who knows it!

"Hush, sweet boy."

Paul Ryan is the founder and managing partner of Hayfield Financial, a middle market fund advisory firm. He has an economics degree from Harvard and his career has included stops at Barclays, a variety of hedge funds and a few startups of his own.

Paul Ryan is a banker who has spent his life in and around Wall Street... but Paul Ryan has a secret.

He shared his dark truth with WNYC Radio:

One banker who has contributed to Bernie Sanders is Paul Ryan, a partner at Hayfield Financial, a firm that advises private equity and hedge funds. He's been on Wall Street for 30 years and says the financial system has become so complex, so manipulated, and corrupt that only Bernie Sanders can save it.

You read that correctly; hedge fund advisor Paul Ryan supports and has contributed to Bernie Sanders.

What - you are inevitably asking yourself - the f#ck?

“The whole understanding of Wall Street that I have comes from Judge Brandeis [who said], ‘Sunlight is the greatest of disinfectants,’ something that we seem to have forgotten,” Ryan says. “Wall Street has gotten dark and complex in the last 50 years. There’s disintermediation of the banks, and everything that was clear and understood we’ve now murked up.”

Sure, Paul Ryan is confused, but that confusion is making the cantankerous socialist from the Green Mountain State so damn appealing. Paul Ryan and Bernie Sanders are basically the Romeo and Juliet of over-structured financial products.

Then again, Paul Ryan does seem, like, really confused:

The financial industry is consciously growing darker and darker, Ryan argues, adding that the banking sector is growing even more complicated.
“More than size, complexity is the problem,” he says. “Glass-Steagall separates things and makes things less complex. When you mix the investment bank and the shadow economy with the commercial bank, that’s a real complicated thing. I dare say—and I’m reasonably educated; went to law school, majored in economics, and worked in a bank—I’m hard pressed to know what Goldman Sachs or CitiBank actually does. And I didn’t fall off a turnip truck. I just can’t figure out what they’re doing right now.”

But why can't Paul Ryan be like other Wall Street liberals and pretend he really likes Hillary? It might be because Hillary doesn't have a meat axe:

“Bernie Sanders swinging the meat axe saying, ‘Hey, let’s just break it all up,’ that’s not the gradualism that Hillary’s saying right now,” he says. “She’s in bed with these guys. I don’t think she’s going to really make the changes—not with her donor base—and they really need to happen.”

And Paul Ryan is pretty sure that people will eventually come around to understanding his need to "Feel the Bern."

“What America likes and what America needs may be two different things,” he says. “But I would like to see him run hard.”

That's right Wall Street, one of your own is ready to see Bernie Sanders and his meat axe run hard, right at you.

Meet the Wall Street Banker Backing Bernie Sanders [WNYC]


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