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Wall Street’s Had Enough Of This Buffett Guy

Apparently everyone's had it with his folksy business wisdom.
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Not as cuddly as he looks.

Fifty years of slights, insults, finger-wagging and unparalleled success have taken their toll, and now it’s open season on the Oracle of Omaha.

Mr. Buffett hides behind the image of a folksy, benevolent businessman while he pursues the same profit-maximizing deals that are the target of some of his attacks.

There is even an adage in the investing community: “Do as Warren Buffett does, not as he says….”

Some of Wall Street’s antipathy toward Mr. Buffett appears to have spilled over onto Main Street. Seven out of every 10 tweets that had an opinion about Mr. Buffett this year expressed a negative sentiment such as “phony” or “hypocrite,” according to an analysis that social-media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon conducted for The Wall Street Journal. Five years ago, 46% of tweets about Mr. Buffett fell into that category.

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This Is Warren Buffett Telling A CNBC Anchor How Difficult It's Been To Bang The Guy's Wife

As some of you may have noticed over the years, Warren Buffett has carved out a pretty unique niche for himself in using analogies about whorehouses, porn shops, one-night stands, taking Viagra, fondling inanimate objects (or simply laying the ground work to do so) when discussing business. Regardless of the topic, no matter the setting, he's prepared to go out of his way marry aberrant sex fetish with folksy business wisdom. So naturally, when asked by Andrew Ross Sorkin on Squawk Box this morning if a $22 billion acquisition by Berkshire Hathway that didn't pan out earlier this year might happen at some point in the future, Buffett told the gang "It's always possible. When a girl hangs up on me, I try again," rather than "Sure," or "Yeah, anything can happen," or "Never say never, Andy." At this point, the anchors could have moved on but Joe Kernen saw an opening for a little repartee and went for it, not realizing that he was dealing with a professional. [8:45

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