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The Top 10 Things Wall Street Was Only Pretending To Understand In 2015

Apparently some of you felt the cold rush of panic when "Smart Beta" came up in your client meeting.

Investopedia, the website used by confused junior analysts trying to make a nonchalant face while typing frantically, has released the results of a fun little research project, the top 10 most-searched terms on the site this year.

The list is a telling example of what people all over finance pretended to understand in meetings this year, only to Google them once they returned to their desks. They range from annoying tech verbiage to MBA-level finance esoterica, but they're all real and apparently quite topical.

Lest we forget these terms in the new year, each term is linked to Investopedia's definition, and our helpful ways on how to remember it going forward...

10. Backdoor Roth IRA

"Filthy baby boomers trying to get a bigger nut."

9. Fintech​

"That thing no one really understands but terrifies baby boomer bankers into starting backdoor Roth IRAs."

8. Gamma Hedging

"The Hulk's hedge fund management strategy."

7. Tactical Trading

"That thing making baby boomer traders start backdoor Roth IRAs."

6. Intraday Momentum Index

"Brought to you by FanDuel."

5. Unicorn

"A dumb word for an outmoded idea of something no longer novel."

4. Exchange-Traded Mutual Fund

" *Ctrl+F... "fees"* "

3. Negative Interest Rate Policy

"Janet Yellen-themed nightmare fodder."

2. Grexit​ / Brexit​

"Things Sage Kelly Googled hoping they were Scandanavian hookers."

1. Smart Beta


Investopedia's Top 10 Terms of 2015 [Investopedia]


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