Accused White Collar Criminals Will Not Be Held Back By Common Sense

Like the common sense that says don't take to Twitter to state your case.

Cannot. Be. Contained.

We’re sure the lawyers representing Martin Shkreli, Charlie Shrem and Lynn Tilton would like it if their clients could keep a lid on it. It would certainly make their jobs easier. But these people aren’t just financiers accused of fraud: They are misunderstood geniuses and victims of a government conspiracy to silence them, as well as potentially put them in jail. And that will not stand, damn the consequences. Like the consequence of having to represent yourself.

For some media-savvy defendants there is a new script: They jump on Twitter to tell the world they are innocent, even though lawyers think doing so is a terrible — and legally risky — idea….

Gregory Morvillo, a lawyer who specializes in representing white-collar defendants, says having a client who posts on Twitter is a “recipe for disaster….”

Mr. Agnifilo and Mr. Morvillo both said they could imagine a situation in which they might be forced to let go of a client who did not heed advice and said too much about a case on Twitter or other social media forums.

For Martin Shkreli and Others, ‘No Comment’ Is Not in the Script [DealBook]