Area Referees Gear Up For Getting Sh*t On By Sports Fans By Working In Finance M-F

Being told a colleague on the trading floor is going to rip out their eyes and piss in their skulls is actually really helpful when it comes to building up a tolerance for the threats that come with their side-gigs.

You’ll find finance guys (they’re almost all guys) officiating on the sidelines of most Division I sports in the NCAA and just about every professional sport...Thick skin is a must. Conflicts with coaches and players are to be expected, to say nothing of the chorus of booing from a disagreeable crowd. Threats and name calling, too. “When you’re managing a project, you’re herding the cattle,” says Fotis Bazakos, a professional soccer referee who’s also a corporate consultant for Aon, a multinational risk management conglomerate. “Refereeing is very similar. You have 22 guys out there who are being paid a lot of money and are just as passionate about soccer as you are. It becomes clear if you can do it, if people believe you. Conflict management is a huge part of both jobs.” [Bloomberg]