BATS Global Markets Feels Emotionally Ready To Try For That IPO Again

Fingers crossed an amateur hour screw up on the big day doesn't derail things...again.
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BATS Global Markets is making a second attempt at a public stock offering three years after a technology problem forced it to stay private...BATS attempted a stock offering in 2012, only to withdraw its debut on the same day because of technology system errors. The incident was not just an embarrassing turn of events for BATS. It drew a fresh round of introspection on the complexity and vulnerability of the American stock markets, where high-speed trading has taken on an increasingly dominant role. [Dealbook]


BATS Owns It

If you're looking for contrition from BATS Global Markets following its revelation that it's been screwing up hundreds of thousands of trades and violating rules for about four years, you'll be disappointed. The latest exchange forced to publicly admit incompetence says it's going to try to fix things, but that customers (and, presumably, the SEC) occasional snafu.