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Blythe Masters Has Big Wall Street Suitors Lined Up Around Her Blockchain

The former Queen of Commodities didn't lose her Rolodex.

While we've had our fun with Blythe Master's new Blockchain startup, Digital Asset Holdings, it seems like Blythe is back in the Wall Street in-crowd.

According to the NY Post, DAH is holding a funding round and some of Blythe's old friends are lining up to write a check.

The 46-year-old finance whiz, once the most powerful woman on Wall Street, is in high-stakes negotiations with investors for a $35 million financing round at the technology startup she now heads that will value the company at $100 million, The Post has learned.

The Post is hearing that DAH wants to close the round before Christmas and that Blythe is emailing people that the round is "quite materially oversubscribed." But while that's usually everyday posturing, it might be true in this case because Blythe has broken out the ol' Masters Rolodex and has had success dialing direct lines for dollars.

While the deal is still being negotiated and could fall apart, JPM is expected to lead the investment round with $7.5 million, according to four sources.
Spanish bank Santander, where Masters is a non-executive chairman, is expected to invest about $3 million. Other potential investors include Markit, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Nasdaq.

It makes some sense that Jamie Dimon is interested in DAH, considering that he was once Masters' mentor and that he has recently spoken glowingly (or at least the Jamie version of glowing) of the Blockchain's possibility.

One person not terribly interested in DAH, The Post notes, is Tim Geithner who reportedly turned down a chance to sit on DAH's board. But that also makes sense considering Geithner might still be a little sore with Blythe for that whole "creating the credit default swap and making his like a living hell" thing from a few years ago.

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