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Being Broke Won’t Stop Dov Charney From Buying American Apparel

The man's a lot of things, but he ain't a quitter.
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Still has enough friends to couch-surf with.

The former "CEO of the Century" and American Apparel founder has blown through his last $100,000 and seen his sizable stake in his old company rendered worthless when it was rendered bankrupt, but you’ve got to hand it to Dov Charney: Not even his own bankruptcy or that of the company he wants back can keep him down.

Don't cry for Dov Charney when he can find new partners and financial backers to help him in his holy war, epecially since that worked out so well last time.

In a short interview, the former CEO said he’s been talking to several potential financial partners, but declined to be more specific.

Cardinal Advisors, which was started in 2014, confirmed that it’s working with Charney. Co-founder David Felman is a veteran of investment bank Moelis & Co….

Charney needs a financial backer because most of his net worth was tied up in American Apparel stock, which was wiped out when the company filed for bankruptcy. Last month, he claimed financial hardship in a lawsuit, saying he had to represent himself because he couldn’t afford to pay for a lawyer.

American Apparel Founder Hires Investment Bank to Pursue Bid [Bloomberg]


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