Citigroup: FYI, Sweatpants And Crocs Are Little Too Business Casual For The Office

Apparently some members of the staff needed this spelled out.

Citigroup apparently has a problem with how its Hong Kong staff members are dressing. The US bank sent out a presentation to its Hong Kong staff in November detailing do's and don'ts when dressing for the office...The presentation, which is marked confidential, has pictures outlining suitable business attire and business-casual wear for men and women. There is also a guide to what non-client-facing workers should wear on casual Friday, again with pictures...Under the header "What is deemed inappropriate at all times?" the Citi presentation makes clear that sweatpants and spandex are out, as are hats and bandannas. For women, strapless, bustier, spaghetti, and off-the-shoulder tops are not allowed. And for footwear, Crocs, Birkenstock, and fluffy bedroom slippers are a no-no. [BI]