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Companies Are Ditching Office Holiday Parties Because Most People Think Office Holiday Parties Suck

Also because they think their colleagues suck and would sooner avoid spending even more enforced time with them.
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According to the results of a study by the amazingly named "Society for Human Resource Management," few people are shedding tears over missing the opportunity to:

  • Get trapped in a conversation with Rich from accounting about how his cats handled the move to a new apartment
  • Rubbery chicken satay skewers
  • Have flashbacks from last year to getting sauced on apple-tinis and sleeping with Rich from accounting

...unlike in 2009, companies aren't opting out for financial reasons. This year, only 6 percent of respondents cited budget constraints as a reason for cutting the party, down from 20 percent in 2009, at the height of financial crisis austerity. "Maybe they realized that nobody seems to be missing these," said Evren Esen, director of survey programs at the SHRM. Maybe companies that originally zeroed out the festivities as a cost-cutting measure sensed that few were moping around because they wouldn't get a chance to drink with their co-workers and bosses.

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