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Confessed Insider Trader Wants To Know Where Judge Gets Off

Richard Choo-Beng Lee will wait.
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Remember Richard Choo-Beng Lee? Hedge fund manager and former SAC Capital employee who confessed to securities fraud and then helped the government in its case against Steve Cohen et al? He was sentenced today and just has one question: how does Judge Kevin Castel hand down three weeks on the inside-- to a guy that, sure, admitted to a crime-- and still sleep at night?

Lee, 59, was given a 21-day prison term along with a $100,000 fine in the sentence handed down Wednesday by Manhattan federal judge Kevin Castel. The prison sentence stunned him and his attorney, Jeffrey Bornstein, who placed his hand on Lee’s back as it was being read...Bornstein tried to talk the judge out of the sentence, saying Lee was being treated “more harshly” than others who had helped the government less. “It serves no purpose other than to say, ‘You’re a felon,’ and ‘I’m doing it because I can,’” Bornstein told the judge. He added that he might appeal the sentence and has 14 days to do so.

Key insider-trading informant stunned by 21-day jail sentence [NYP]


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