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Congratulations, You've Really Hurt Valeant's Feelings

The much-reviled pharma company is feeling sad, and oh-so-lonely.

Still standing. For now.

Everyone’s hating on Valeant (VRX) these days.

From politicians to judges to former takeover targets, analysts, and even erstwhile friends or people who rely on certain heart medications. You name ’em and they're pissing on the Valeant ticker symbol.

This is confusing to some at the company. Sure, its business model is: do as little work discovering new treatments as possible, buy up companies better at research than marketing and jack up their prices.

And sure, they’re kinda the poster child for the whole tax inversions craze.

And sure, their CEO says, “grade me on the share price,” and that share price is down 65% this year.

But come on? At least they’re not this asshole.

Although, on second thought, he’d make a really good CEO if this Pearson guy can’t turn things around.

Now Mr. Pearson is on the defensive. Valeant has in recent months been engulfed in a wave of criticism, from politicians’ questions about its increases on cardiac-care drug prices to concerns from Wall Street and the drug industry about the company’s accounting and business practices….

“We are being attacked by everyone. We have few friends to defend ourselves,” said Mr. Melas-Kyriazi.

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