Cristina Kirchner Going Out Like, Well, Cristina Kirchner

Who wants a billion pesos?

I know the feeling, Mauricio.

Argentina is getting a new president next week after the country’s electorate convincingly if not exactly overwhelmingly decided to put an end to a dozen years of the Kirchner family’s particular brand of Peronism. Has this humbled the outgoing incumbent, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner? Has it hell. She’s got a week to go and she’s going to spend it like she’s spent the last eight years, only in hyperdrive. Now, she’s already rewritten all of her country’s laws, told the world financial markets (and Paul Singer in particular) to go to hell and had a little racist fun with her new key trading partners. Hard to top, we know. But she’s going to start by handing out billions and billions that Argentina doesn’t have, just to see how her successor’s going to find the scratch.

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is moving at a breakneck pace to increase public spending, fill government jobs and increase the debt that may have to be paid by her successor, Mauricio Macri….

In a news conference Wednesday, Mr. Macri said Mrs. Kirchner was trying to create as many “new roadblocks and problems as she can” for his incoming administration.…

"This is a sad choice that the president has made. Everything she does that she thinks will hurt our government will in reality hurt all Argentines,” Mr. Macri added.

Outgoing Argentine President to Leave Big Tab for Successor [WSJ]