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President Trump Using His Wharton Education To Unmask Jeff Bezos' Fiendishly Clever Tax Shelter Scam

The Donald's thoughts on tax shelters explain a lot about his bankruptcies.

Looks like someone is unhappy with his AmazonPrime account.

Presumptive President-Elect Donald J-Curve Trump has been finding himself on the receiving end of some not-so-subtle negative press from The Washington Post for doing stuff like his incorrect statements about things that happened on 9/11, his anti-semitic comments to a conference of Jewish Republicans, and his claims to have been the very first person on Earth to see terrorism as dangerous.

Basically, WaPo has been fact-checking The Donald deep and hard, a project that has led the paper to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is full of sh!t and - in their words - "A poison pill" for the Republican party.

Mr. Trump is corrosive to the U.S. political debate in at least two ways. One is his basic contempt for facts. Mr. Trump simply made up his recent claim that he watched “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11, later justifying it by claiming some of his supporters remember similar events. Mr. Trump’s approach to truth — it is whatever I want it to be — uniquely threatens the notion that people of different identities and experiences can nevertheless conduct a civil dialogue based on the universal language of observable fact. Without this rudimentary principle, the American experiment in multi-ethnic, religiously diverse democracy is doomed.

Well, bad news for WaPo: President Trump can read, and also he knows stuff...

In your face, WaPo! You like facts, huh? Well how does this "Bezos is your daddy" fact strike you, because it is totally true! And like President Trump says, everyone knows that Bezos uses the paper as a tax shelter for his massive e-commerce empire... wait, what?

Umm... You went to Wharton, bro.

Okay, WaPo, we're beginning to see your point.

Donald Trump is a poison pill for the Republican Party [WaPo]


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