DowDuPont Will Be Keeping You Guys Busy For Years

Welcome to the Delaware spinoff festival.

Now Delaware's largest company.

Because after the $130 million merger’s complete, get ready for three spinoffs. At once.

The companies plan to strip out about $3 billion in costs as they combine operations and ultimately break up into three separate businesses about 18 to 24 months after closing the deal. Those three resulting companies, which would be publicly traded, would be focused on agriculture, material sciences and specialty products….

The companies said the breakup would occur “as soon as feasible” but that it still could take up to two years after the merger announced Friday closes, suggesting the breakup may not occur until 2018. Mr. Breen told analysts that the three-way breakup would likely be a one-off event, rather than spinning off the units at different times.

DuPont, Dow Chemical Agree to Merge, Then Break Up Into Three Companies [WSJ]