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Elizabeth Warren Is A Mom, So She Knows What You Wall Street Lobbyists Are Up To Behind That Locked Door

Hey Wall Street lobbyists, who's your favorite Little Rascal?

Nice try, you financial lobbying scamps, but Elizabeth Warren sees you going into those Congressional offices and closing the door.

What's that in your hand...a Victoria's Secret catalog? Oh, it's an omnibus spending bill.

Well, don't even try turning up the music and pretending like that's going to throw her off the scent. Elizabeth Warren knows what you're up to and while it's totally natural for you to do what you're doing, that doesn't mean she has to like it...

Tsk tsk, you naughty Wall Street/K Street kids, you better cut it out. That knock on the door is Elizabeth Warren and she's gonna tell your Senator what you're up to, so expect an awkward conversation when you come out.

Oh, so you've opened the door. Well you're going to have to wait right here while Elizabeth Warren makes sure you didn't desecrate all of her Dodd-Frank while you were in there... Sinner.



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